The Golden Everest (GE) group is a concept and vision of industry pioneer Mr Bhandari and his associates.  GE serves and promotes Nepalese business with the National recognition within the UK & EU region. It facilitates and distributes Nepalese produce and hospitality worldwide, lending us a distinct honour amongst our immediate competitors.

We aim to become a cherished market distributor of premium beer, frozen and fresh foods, serving the hospitality sectors, catering and specialist supermarket sectors.

Purely a uniquely combined business model with a strong community spirit and perfect business strategy to ensure growth with tranquillity.

Why Choose us?​

Golden Everest is a fantastic share platform to source, consult and network with industry-leading personalities to become the best in your field. We always work on 

Our team is dedicated to offering the best quality and appropriate products and services to our partners which we will achieve from a constant monitor of the market and working with the industry leaders.

We believe that we grow with your growth, so our team is dedicated to offering you on-site and off-site expertise where necessary to maximise your goal and to inspire your customers and escalate your business.

We pride ourselves on delivering a tailor-made service to our customers and partners to increase their sales and improve their margins. We offer the highest level of customer service.